There are few ways to become a MY Smart Shopper ID Member for FREE! Easy and simple way via our website (, download MY Smart Shopper ID Apps via Appstore (iOS) and Google Play (Android) and thru our Affiliate’s New & Updated QR Code/URL Link which generated from latest MY Smart Shopper ID Portal.

MY Smart Shopper ID is a loyalty program that uses KTP ID as its membership ID. With your registered MY Smart Shopper ID you gain access to exclusive retail privileges at our participating merchants’ outlets.

You get to enjoy the retail privileges of earning Cash Points and Reward Points at MY Smart Shopper ID participating merchants’ outlets. These points will help you to save while you shop. (Note: 1 cash point is equivalent to IDR 1)

As long as you’re a MY Smart Shopper ID holder and 18 years of age and above, you are eligible to become a member.

You can register yourself through MY Smart Shopper ID official website or through our affiliates.

The membership is totally free! However, you must have at least 1 transaction in a 6 months period for your membership to remain active. The active period will be reset to the full 6 months after each transaction.

Once you have registered your MY Smart Shopper ID, the membership activates immediately. So, you can start spending and enjoy the privileges.

Just visit MY Smart Shopper ID website at and click “Login” at the top, it will redirect you to the MY Smart Shopper ID portal.

For new members, just follow these steps for the first-time login:
a. Login to and click on “Login”
b. Select user: Member
c. Username: Key in SmartSaver (KTP) number without “-” (900229145669)
d. Password: 123456
e. Captcha code: Follow the captcha code given
Take note: Kindly change your new password once you have log into the portal. Please reach out MY Smart Shopper ID customer service team via email at with your full name and KTP number.

Yes. You can change your password at the MY Smart Shopper ID portal. Just follow the steps below:
a. Log into your MY Smart Shopper ID member portal
b. On the main page choose “Member Profile”
c. Then click on “Change Password”
d. Complete the “Change Password” form and press “Submit”

You can follow the steps provided below to reset your new password:
a. Log on to and choose “MY Smart Shopper ID Login”
b. Click “Forgot Password”
c. Please select: Member
d. Username: Key in MY Smart Shopper ID no (KTP) without “-“(900229145669)
e. Key in captcha code (as appeared on screen)
f. Click send password reset link and the reset password link will be sent to your registered email address in MY Smart Shopper ID portal
g. Check your email from sender “Admin” with subject “Reset Password”
h. Click “Reset Password” and it will redirect to a page to reset password
i. Complete the reset password form with your email address and new password
j. Once completed, click “Reset Password” and it will automatically redirect you to your account
For further inquiries, please drop us an email at

Yes, your data is protected. Please refer to the “Privacy Policy” on the MY Smart Shopper ID website for further information by following this link

Kindly email to and our Customer Service Team will advise accordingly.

To make any changes, just send us an email at

E-pin is your own unique security number used for redemptions and to void your transactions at participating merchants.

You are able to change your E-pin in your MY Smart Shopper ID member portal. You can just follow the steps provided:
a. Login to your MY Smart Shopper ID member portal
b. Choose “Member Profile” on the main page
c. Click on “Change E-pin” to make the changes
For further inquiries please reach MY Smart Shopper ID Customer Service team via e-mail at

Yes. It is called the MY Smart Shopper ID Discover App and users can just download the app from Google play store/Apple app store. Here are some of the features of the mobile app:
a. View all participating merchants by region or by business categories, in list or map view.
b. Find & locate nearby participating merchants wherever you are (when your location services are on).
c. View details of each participating merchant: contact info, location on map, cash point and reward points offered.
d. Tap on merchant’s contact info to call/email.

MY Smart Shopper ID Website: Just visit MY Smart Shopper ID official website at and click on “Participating Merchant” to view all the online and offline merchants.
MY Smart Shopper ID Mobile Apps: Download MY Smart Shopper ID discover app on your mobile phone and view the merchants by region and nearby location.

No. Your points will be credited to your account within 72 hours after you’ve made a purchase as the merchant will have to notify us of the details of your transactions.

a. Cash Points
You may redeem Cash Points at any of our Offline participating merchants for any goods or services. “1 Cash Point = RM 1”

b. Reward Points
Exchange your Reward Points for merchandises offered by MY Smart Shopper ID by logging in to the MY Smart Shopper ID website and click on “Point Redemption” followed by “Reward Point Redemption Catalogue”. Or just go to the redemption section on the MY Smart Shopper ID discover app. Browse for items that you like and follow the remaining step to complete your redemption.

Check the amount of points you’ve collected by logging in to the MY Smart Shopper ID portal or you can also view the points in the mobile app

No, your points are bind to your MY Smart Shopper ID member account and not to your MY Smart Shopper ID.

No, you aren’t able to do so.

Each outlet operates differently in terms of their product pricing and services. Thus, the point entitlement is solely based on the merchants’ discretion and what they have to offer.

All of your MY Smart Shopper ID transactions are recorded on the MY Smart Shopper ID member portal. You are able to view it there. Just login to your MY Smart Shopper ID member portal and click on “Report” to view monthly or daily transactions.

Focus your spending and shop more at MY Smart Shopper ID participating outlets. The points you collect is based on the frequency of your purchase.

Yes, it will be 6 months but only if there’s no transaction being made. Your Cash Points will be used as account maintenance fees and your Reward Points will be voided. So, shop more frequently to keep your account active and earn more points at the same time as well.

Yes, but it is only allowed under one circumstance whereby the member itself have acquired their own affiliate license. You may refer to below to understand better on this:

a. Existing MY Smart Shopper ID Members:
With immediate effect, all existing MY Smart Shopper ID members who decided to register as an affiliate or authorised agency will get the ownership to their own MY Smart Shopper ID member account. All the existing cash points and reward points accumulated will be carried forward.

b. New Affiliate or Agency:
All new affiliate or agency registration starting from the month of April 2017 will automatically be registered with a MY Smart Shopper ID member account upon registration.
Any other reason besides this will be strictly prohibited. For more info, please email to

Yes. Members can still spend at participating MY Smart Shopper ID outlet without having their MY Smart Shopper ID as merchant is able to verify the transaction using KTP number.

No. You will still need to present the MY Smart Shopper ID to the merchant during the redemption as a verification to avoid any fraudulence or unapproved spend.

If a merchant displays the “MY Smart Shopper ID” signage, the business is contracted to accept member’s MY Smart Shopper ID and offer the agreed points as part of the loyalty program. The company makes every effort to sign up businesses which are frequently visited by members. If you encounter a merchant who refuses to give away the point offered, please contact us at 021 – 2952 7135 with the merchant’s name and address. The company will then follow up to reinforce the MY Smart Shopper ID acceptance for member to earn points as part of MY Smart Shopper ID program with the merchant.

Please liaise with our merchant team via email at to express your interest in becoming a merchant.

No. There is no reward or points for introducing MY Smart Shopper ID program to family and friends.

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